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F.Willich produces epoxy for relining and silicate for pointlining, both in different versions with variable working- and curing times to suit you and your task!
F. Willich is a German producer of silicate, epoxy and glassfiber mats.

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CTV Glasfiber 1400g - DN100 mm roll 35cm 18 kg
Price DKK38.00
Reference.: 121101050
CTV Glasfiber 1400g - DN150 mm roll 52cm 27 kg
Price DKK38.00
Reference.: 121101051
CTV Glasfiber 1400g - roll 128cm 66 kg
Price DKK38.00
Reference.: 121101052
F. Willich Epoxy 50 Medium : set 4+16 kg
Price DKK1,380.00
Reference.: 121101039
F. Willich Epoxy 100 Slow : set 4,8+16 kg
Price DKK1,435.00
Reference.: 121101038
F. Willich Epoxy 20 Medium : set 6.4+16 kg
Price DKK1,545.00
Reference.: 121101040