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American company Stoneage is the world's leading producer of rotating cleaning nozzles.
Many years of experience and continous development guarantees unprecedented cleaning ability and even the smallest version can be used for root cutting.
The Magnum series of nozzles are developed for use with recycled water and with their stronger steel bodies, heads and internal components are extremely durable, so with occasional replacement of nozzle inserts and regular service will provide a working life of many years.

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Warthog WV -1/4" - Jet Cutter
Price DKK3,900.00
Reference.: 110801005
Warthog WT-3/8" - Jet Cutter
Price DKK5,900.00
Reference.: 110801001
Warthog WT-1/2" - Jet Cutter
Price DKK6,900.00
Reference.: 110801008
Warthog WS-1/2"- Jet Cutter
Price DKK7,990.00
Reference.: 110801002
Warthog WHR-1/2" Magnum - Rotating Jet Cutter
Price DKK17,900.00
Reference.: 110801017
Warthog WGR-5/4" Magnum - Jet cutter
Price DKK18,900.00
Reference.: 110801018
Warthog WGR-1" Switcher - Jet Cutter for recycling
Price DKK28,450.00
Reference.: 110801014